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We are a secular program with no religious affiliations. These conveniently located venues are clean, comfortable and COVID safe.

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All Saints Anglican Church
33 Regent St    (Thurs morning)
New Lambton, NSW 2305

Hamilton Public School
Dixon St, (Piano with AR)
Hamilton NSW 2303

St Peters Church
Denison St, (Piano/Violin)
Hamilton NSW 2303

Hamilton Adventist Church
Lindsay & Steel St, (Group lessons)
Hamilton, NSW 2303

The Place
Frederick St     (Mon with Ellee)
Charlestown, NSW 2290

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0425 227 582

Your vision and exceptional teachers celebrate community, bringing out the best in all our children. 

Thank you for sharing so much joy through music in our lives! 

The Heatricks

Call us today on 0414 848 741.

We’re highly qualified, passionate experts who have years of musical experience in teaching little ones! You’ll love the way we nurture a passion for music in babies and kids, connecting your whole family in a way that’s fun, enjoyable and active.

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