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We love how your welcoming music community has not only enriched the lives of our kids, but we’ve also made very special friends!

van den Heuvel Family



Bonus Online Inclusions

1. Unlimited weekly access:  you receive a link for Online lessons, so you can swap days or do makeups as needed each week.

2. Pre-Recorded Bonus Activities in your own time – More Music in Minutes fun, plus Hands-on Crafty Science to enjoy whenever it suits.

3.  50% off holiday sessions

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Babies  |  birth – 12 months

Share magical moments singing, cuddling, dancing and playing together, nurturing an extra-special bond. Learn from experienced teachers how to make the most of this critical period in your baby’s development as we help you stimulate your baby’s brain connections and make your family musical for life! Take home resources included. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW

Tiny Tots  |  1 – 2 years

Relish this special time together and lay the foundations for all future learning. Loving adults are a child’s best teacher and you’ll be jumping for joy laughing and bouncing as you follow the leader, experimenting with musical patterns through games, movement, singing and instruments. Once your little one is up and walking, our teachers add layers of physical and verbal challenges that continues to help them learn in a lively, age-appropriate environment. Take home resources included. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW

Toddlers  |  2 – 3 years

This is when we really get toddler brains and bodies syncing! Jump, jiggle, giggle and learn! You’ll love seeing your child have fun, move, sing stories and manipulate toys and textures. Our unique, Australian program provides a fantastic foundation for successful participation in dance, daycare and preschool. In a very short time, you’ll find you have a mini music teacher showing you what to do at home, as well as lots of great distractions for any ‘tetchy times’ throughout your busy day! Take home resources included. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW

were-parents-too-1   We know sleep times change a lot at this stage, so you can move between classes as needed.


We love coming each week and all three boys sing, dance and clap the days away at home.

Thank you for all the fun and music skills!

The Jeffress Family

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little girls on xylophone
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Level 1  |  3 – 4 years

These years are so precious and they go so fast! All our families value spending time enjoying musical interaction with their children which supports learning more complex aural and visual activities for follow-up at home. Growing ever more independent, children in this age group love being challenged but still learn best with the comfort of a caring adult nearby, so forget the gym membership and get a workout for both body and brain as we up-skill bilateral and creative movement together! You’ll love how our carefully sequenced activities build your child’s inner confidence and self-regulatory behaviour in a nurturing and imaginative environment. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW

Level 2  |  4 – 5 years

(the year before school, drop-off class)Proud pre-schoolers attend these classes without an adult, ready to expand their social skills and musical understanding through more complex listening, singing, dancing and playing activities. Without even noticing how much they’ve learned, they’ll be ‘reading and writing’ music by the end of this year. You’ll be amazed at their rate of development over this year.  Kinder teachers constantly tell us they can pick our students within days of starting school, as they stand out from the pack, having such a secure foundation in literacy, numeracy and class social skills.  At Open Day, you’ll see just how much they’ve learned each term. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW 

Family Fun |  Birth – 5 years

Your whole family will love sharing the fun, but prepare to be amazed at your child’s rate of development over this year, as every activity is designed to meet multiple developmental needs.  You’ll learn lots of ideas to do at home, and great distractions for any ‘tetchy times’ throughout your busy day! Take home resources included. If your baby is under 12mths, email us for the special rate. Don’t worry if you have to miss a class. You get FREE and FLEXIBLE MAKEUPS any time it suits. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW 

Of all the extra-curricula activities we’ve done with our 3 children, your music program has been the most beneficial and I can’t recommend it enough, your teacher’s enthusiasm and dedication are infectious!

The Francis Family

6 + years Scroll down for Fees, Timetable and Locations

two boys playing recorder
class of children on glockenspiels

Level 3  |  Kinder or Year 1

Research shows that multi-modal learning through musical games and movement activities is essential for the development of children’s coordination and creativity. Playing on glockenspiels gives children excellent ear and eye preparation for keyboard without prematurely putting pressure on separating immature fingers or the need to practice every day. We know they’re just getting started at school, so we craft our lessons to balance relaxation with fun movement activities. As ‘big schoolers’ they also get a great sense of achievement very quickly from brief workbook activities reinforcing the children’s developing ability to sing what they see (sight read) and write what they hear (melodic & rhythmic dictation). 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW

Level 4  |  Year 1 or 2

The rubber really hits the road for these students as we build on their known Level 3 concepts, further developing music literacy skills in solfege and rhythm writing, as well as more complex coordination games that build neural pathways for instrument playing. Children apply these skills to playing the recorder, preparatory keyboard and drumming activities. Conducting, creating and performing in parts feature strongly in this level. Our unique sequence develops in-tune singers who are confident to have a go in front of an audience across any setting, including their school classroom and assemblies. 45 min sessions. BOOK NOW

Level 5  |  Year 2 or 3

These students shoot ahead with sight-reading, musical dictations and arranging parts into accompaniments and ensemble performances becoming second nature to these experienced Kodaly musicians! They are on the alert detecting new intervals and rhythmic elements. Students have internalised phrasing and melodic line and quickly apply their musical knowledge to different instruments by having a term each learning keyboard, violin and drumming. This gives children a taste of playing different instruments before making a commitment to individual study. 60 min sessions. BOOK NOW

Thank you for introducing me to music in such a way that I have been able to use all the skills you have taught me to this day!

Jacob Dooley Age 16, Trombone, Newcastle Wind Orchestra

8 + years

song crew
teacher and child on a piano
kids playing with a parachute

Song Crew

Song Crew isn’t just another ‘choir’. We specialise in nurturing young voices by teaching good vocal technique, sight-singing, harmony and performance skills through a program of singing, musical games and stress-free performance opportunities. Whenever students feel ready, they have the opportunity to solo in a safe and supportive environment and also to compere our end of year concert. We teach Kodaly-based music reading, sight-singing and harmony using a varied program of songs in unison and parts from all styles of music. 75 min sessions. BOOK NOW

One on One Lessons

Piano, Voice, Violin and Recorder lessons are available on a one-on-one basis from 8 years to adult covering all styles from Pop/Rock to Classical, Improvisation, Audition, Exam Preparation and our Student Recital.

Julie Logan Music graduates will progress super quick but new students are always welcome, whether beginner or more advanced.

Our passionate teachers will create a personalized learning experience that unlocks your child’s unique potential. Experienced teachers will work closely with you to motivate regular practice by inspiring your child with a variety of musical styles and performance opportunities.

No matter what your goal for your child, playing for pleasure or exams, that creative spark and love of music is something that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Email or call us so we can find the best day and time for you. BOOK NOW

Holiday Sessions

Visit our Events page to view current Holiday sessions  Events – Julie Logan Music



Upfront Per Term Payers – DON’T pay your tuition fee until you have sent us your Voucher details. We will adjust your child’s Tuition fees and advise.  Vouchers cannot be accepted AFTER Tuition is paid.

PLEASE NOTE: Legislation prohibits us from claiming vouchers AFTER you have paid your fees.
We send multiple reminders but are unable to assist if you forget to claim in advance.




To care for all our community, if you have any flu-like symptoms, including a fever, cough, headache, sore throat or shortness of breath it is important you give in-person a miss and contact us.

    • Direct Debit Payment Plan Enrolments are committed to 4 x terms of classes.
    • Sign up for Auto Pay and pay 10 monthly instalments (or calculated based on months remaining).
    • Instalments will be charged  to your credit card on the 1st of each month from 1 Jan -1 Oct (or months remaining at time of enrolment) – We’ll only charge the Admin Fee once per year,  a saving of up to $75 per enrolment + one off resource fee if applicable.
    • or Pay Upfront per term +$25 Admin Fee per term/ per registration + one off resource fee if applicable.  Annual Resource Fee applies to Levels 2-5 and Song Crew – see below.
    • Enrolling after Term has started? Please enter all your child’s details then Contact Us to discount your per week fee, pro rata.

View our 2022 Timetable below or in pdf format click HERE

2022 Tuition Fees:

Age / Group Per Class Fee


Pay 4 terms of Tuition in 10 instalments from 1 Jan – 1 Oct (or calculated based on months remaining at time of enrolment)

+ one annual $25 Admin Fee charged per enrolment

(added to first instalment & non-refundable)


per term –

Payment required  in full prior to attendance

+ $25 Admin Fee per enrolment per term

(Admin Fee is non-refundable)  

Annual Resource Fee

Applies to

Levels 2-5 & Song Crew

(added to first term fees for upfront payers or first instalment & non-refundable))

Babies 0-12mths    (45 mins) $19.83 $71.40 x 10 $178.50 N/A
Tiny Tots | Toddlers | Level 1  (45 mins) $22.06 $79.40 x 10 $198.50 N/A
Level 2 | Level 3     (45 mins) $22.06 $79.40 x 10 $198.50 $30.00
Level 4   (45 mins) $24.28 $87.40 x 10 $218.50 $45.00
Level 5   (60 mins) $24.94 $89.80 x 10 $224.50 $45.00
Song Crew (only) (70 mins) $19.83 $71.40 x 10 $178.50 $45.00
Song Crew Package Special when also enrolled in Level 4/5 – Use promocode: scdeal  at the checkout (saving of $34)  Note:  only 1 x Admin Fee charged for combo enrolment $16.06 $57.80 x 10 $144.50 $45.00
Individual Tuition (30 mins) $37.50 $135.00 x 10 $337.50 N/A


A $25 Admin Fee applies per registration for ALL enrolments in Term 1 (or when initally enrolled during the year)  Direct Debit Monthly instalment payers save up to $75 in Admin Fees (only charged once per year)

  • Upfront Tuition payers pay a $25 Admin Fee per Term per enrolment –If a student enrols in two classes eg. Level 5 & Song Crew they will be charged $50 in admin fees per term.
  • A one off Annual Resource Fee applies to Levels 2 – 5 and Song Crew (paid with the Admin Fee on enrolment in Term 1 or when initially registered during the year).

NOTE:  The Admin & Resource Fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.  If Direct Debit payers cancel enrolment, the Admin Fee for terms attended will be reinstated.

Babies, Tiny Tots, Toddlers and Level 1 will received complimentary Music Pack and bag.  You will receive your book pack in your first class PLUS the following Bonus Inclusions:-

  • Free and Flexible Make Ups in group classes during enrolled term
  • You get to choose your preferred mode of payment: Auto Pay (no Admin Fees per term) or Upfront Full Fee
  • Guaranteed Continuous Placement
  • Bonus Holiday/Parenting Sessions
  • Developmental Resource Books & Instrument (0-5yrs)
  • Musical Parenting Home Activities (0-5yrs)

School Age:

  • Multiple Tutors & Individualised Instruction
  • Class Musicianship Workbook & Home Music Books

2022 Resource Fees: (non-refundable)

Age / Group Resource Fee
LEVEL 2  –  Music Pack & 2 x Musicianship Books $30.00
LEVEL 3 – Class Musicianship Books $30.00
LEVEL 4 2 x Books; Class Musicianship and Home Recorder/Ukulele Books $45.00
LEVEL 5 – 2 x Books; Class Musicianship & Home Piano/Violin Books, Multiple Tutors $45.00
SONG CREW –  Musicianship Book, Sheet Music, Extra Public Performances and public speaking and  Medal. $45.00

Ready to enrol?

Simply contact us online or you can go straight to our Book Now page.

Enrolling after Term has started? Please enter all your child’s details then Contact Us to pro rata your fees

Thank you for gifting my children with a lifelong love of music. Your amazing program and all the teachers are truly inspiring!

Amanda O’Hara

2022 Timetable


Subject to numbers: 0-6mth may attend sibling’s group for FREE   |  6mth-4yrs: 2 for $40 in same morning group  |  Auto Discount applies for siblings in different groups   

Julie L supports the transition of students into all Drop-off groups, so all new families, and those moving into Preschool Level 2 and Kinder Level 3 can relax!

All Classes run subject to enrolments and NSW Health Orders.


Duration of classes:   ALL morning classes are 45 minutes unless noted & run subject to numbers; New class times may be created on request.
  Hamilton Adventist Hall, cnr Lindsay & Steel Sts All Saints Anglican Hall,  cnr Regent St & St James Rd, New Lambton Hamilton Adventist Hall, cnr Lindsay & Steel Sts
BABIES   0-12mths

Born 2021/2022

Babies 0-6mths are FREE when attending with a sibling*

Babies 0-6mths enrolled in combo groups (that are not siblings) are charged at the Babies rate

12.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee


10.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee

11.30 @ Hamilton

(room 1)

Teacher: Ellee

TINY TOTS   6m-2yrs

Born 2020 – 2022


9.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee


9.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie L


9.30 @ New Lambton

Teacher: Ellee

9.30 @ Hamilton

(room 1)

Teacher: Ellee


Born 2019+ Discounted Younger Siblings

Start school 2025 9.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee

10.30 @ Hamilton

(room 2)

Teacher: Julie L

LEVEL 1  4yrs

Born 2018 + Discounted Younger Siblings

Start school 2024

Enjoy with accompanying adult

10.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee

11.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee

10.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie L

10.30 @ New Lambton Teacher: Ellee 9.40 @ Hamilton

(room 2)

Teacher: Julie L

LEVEL 2  5yrs


Born 2017

Performing in Gala Concert!

Start school 2023

Drop off – Julie supports the transition of all Drop off groups beginning of each term

11.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Ellee

11.30 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie L

11.30 @ New Lambton Teacher: Ellee 10.30 @ Hamilton

(room 1)

Teacher: Ellee


REMEMBER TO SEND US CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHER! – For Upfront Payers send BEFORE paying tuition

Duration of classes:                         Levels 3 & 4 – 45mins          |          Level 5 –  60mins         |         Song Crew – 70mins

All levels build on previous content to continuously develop: Conducting; Voice & Ear Training, Playing, Sight Reading & Composing; Partwork & Harmony; Dance; Gala Concert. Entry will be assessed on a case by case basis and could require additional private lessons so the rest of the group aren’t held back.

@HAMILTON PS: We can Collect and Return your Child from OOSCH or for a small fee Collect directly from School – contact us to arrange

  Hamilton Adventist Hall, cnr Lindsay & Steel Sts

Kinder / Yr1

Part-work on Glocks & large Xylophones

Exploration of: Brass/Wind/Strings/Piano

Conducting & Creating

4.25 – 5.10 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie F

4.10 -4.55 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie F

3.35 – 4.20 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie  L


Yr1 / Yr2

Recorder Term 2, 3, 4

Ukulele   Term 3, 4

3.35 – 4.20 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie F

5.00 -5.45 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie F

4.25 -5.10 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie L


Yr2 / Yr 3 / Yr 4

2 Teachers + extra Tutors in Piano, Violin, Drums

Gala Graduation!

5.15 -6.15 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie F

5.15-6.15 @ Hamilton

Teacher: Julie L


Yr3 – Yr6 or invited Level 4 & 5’s

Community performances

Comperes of Gala Concert

·      Discount when packaged with Level 4 or Level 5 (save $34) Song Crew Sing @ Newcastle Show

Sat 5th March, 12.00 – 12.30pm

4.00-5.10 @ Hamilton

Conductor: Julie F & Kieran


30-min lessons

Piano  |  Voice  |  Violin

Mon – Thu   2.30-7.00pm

  VENUES: (@ Hamilton)

·      St Peters Church, Denison St

·      Hamilton Primary School

·      Hamilton Adventist Hall

               NOTE: We may be able to collect from Hamilton PS & OOSCH



Term One  |  31 Jan – 1 Apr

Term Two |  26 Apr – 27 Jun  (no classes 13 June due to p/h)

Term Three  |  18 Jul – 16 Sep

Term Four  |  10 Oct  – 9 Dec

Coming to your program for the past 7 years has been such a highlight in our lives.

My preschooler says it’s the best thing she does all week and my eldest girl’s flute teacher is amazed how far she’s come in such a short time.

I know it’s all thanks to the firm foundations of your program!

Kelly, Parent & Speech Pathologist

Australian Aboriginal Flag

 Indigenous Acknowledgement: Julie Logan Music acknowledges the Australia           Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Torres Strait Islands Flagpeoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and     the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Call us today on 0414 848 741.

We’re highly qualified, passionate experts who have years of musical experience in teaching little ones! You’ll love the way we nurture a passion for music in babies and kids, connecting your whole family in a way that’s fun, enjoyable and active.

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