2018 Fees

  • All fees include Free and Flexible Make-ups any time and home resources plus a Lifetime of Joyful Music Making!
  • Get a 5% Discount for every term when you select our Automatic Payment Option when booking online.  You are only charged once per term and we’ll notify you of all the dates in advance. You could SAVE up to $15.00 per child each term!


Age / Group 5% Discount
By Auto Pay
2018 Full Rate
Babies 0-12mths (45mins) $144.40 $152
Tiny Tots/Toddlers/Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 (45 mins) $175.75 $185
Level 5 (60 mins) $194.75 $205
Song Crew when Packaged with Level 4 or 5 $120.65 $127
Song Crew (75 mins) $144.40 $152
Individual tuition (30 mins) $299.25 $315
  • Siblings are discounted an additional 10% at checkout (does not apply to individual lessons)
  • Babies up to 12 months accompanying an older Sibling, get bonus head start free of charge.

One-Off Music Pack Registration Fee

  • REGISTRATION FEE APPLIES FOR ALL NEW ENROLMENTS: you’ll receive your Annual Music Pack in class
Age / Group Annual Fee
Babies, Tiny Tots, Toddlers, Level 1 – Musical Parenting Packs include $80.00 Bonus Vouchers $25
Levels 2 & 3 – Musicianship Book $25
Level 4 – Musicianship and Recorder/Ukulele Books $40
Level 5 – Musicianship & Piano/Violin Books $40
Song Crew Musicianship Book, Sheet Music, Accompanist, All 5 Performances and extra rehearsals included. $65

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We’re highly qualified, passionate experts who have years of musical experience in teaching little ones! You’ll love the way we nurture a love of music in babies and kids, connecting your whole family in a way that’s joyful and active.

Submit your enquiry and we will get back to you shortly to discuss our options for your budding musician!

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