2021 Fees

  • All fees include Free and Flexible Make-ups any time and home resources plus a Lifetime of Joyful Music Making!
  • Save $$$ every term when you select our Monthly Direct Debit Payment Plan Option.


Age / Group Payment Plan by direct debit from Jan to Oct (amounts below calculated at 10 x monthly payments)


Monthly payments calculated from date of enrolment to Oct.

Save up to $75.00 per year per child

2021 Full Rate

$25 Admin Fee

Applies to the first monthly payment only for direct debit payers


Per term for Upfront Payers

Babies 0-12mths (45mins) 69.60 $174.00
Tiny Tots/Toddlers/Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 (45 mins) $77.60-$85.60 $194-$214
Level 5 (60 mins) $88.00 $220.00
Song Crew when Packaged with Level 4 or 5 $56.00 $140.00
Song Crew (75 mins) $69.60 $173.00
Individual tuition AMEB or Leisure  (30 mins + Studio Concert +Master class) $132.00 $330.00
  • Siblings are discounted an additional 5% at checkout (does not apply to individual lessons)
  • Babies up to 6 months accompanying an older Sibling enjoy a complimentary bonus head start NB: Research and 30 years experience clearly shows this is the PEAK Critical Period for language and musical development!

One-Off Music Pack Registration Fee

  • REGISTRATION FEE APPLIES FOR ALL NEW ENROLMENTS: you’ll receive your Annual Music Pack in class
Age / Group Annual Fee
Babies, Tiny Tots, Toddlers, Level 1 – Musical Parenting Packs include Parenting Book, Instrument, Bonus 50 % off Vouchers Waived
Levels 2 & 3 – Music Bag with Musicianship Books $30
Level 4 – Music Bag with Musicianship and Recorder/Ukulele Books, Multiple Tutors $45
Level 5 – Musicianship & Piano/Violin Books, Multiple Tutors $45
Song Crew –  Musicianship,  Sheet Music, Accompanist, Extra Public Performances and rehearsals included. $45

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Julie Logan Music is fantastic! Our almost 3 year old has been doing the Julie Logan music program since he was 5 months old, and we are regularly amazed by his musical knowledge. When we first started we noticed progress in his language but it was after about his third term that we really saw how much he’d grown (and continues to grow) through music.

He spoke early (and a lot!), he understands pitch and rhythm, he can pick out by ear instruments in songs he has never heard before, he can recognise tunes and riffs that are similar or the same to something he has heard before.

He can recognise background tunes on advertisements as being similar, or the same as a song and loves to pick up his little guitar to play along. He often sings to himself and others.. and we find music is a great way of getting him focussed.

Music has become a real love of his and we have found Julie Logan Music incredible.

Bianca Palmer


We’re highly qualified, passionate experts who have years of musical experience in teaching little ones!

You’ll love how we nurture a love of music in babies through to big kids, connecting your whole family in a way that’s active and joyful.

Submit your enquiry and we will get back to you shortly to discuss our options for your budding musician!

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