FEES 2022



  1. Email us either your Voucher receipt from Service NSW or details referenced BEFORE paying your term fees
  2. We’ll adjust fees accordingly and advise updated balance owing



  • Enrolments are for 12 months’ worth of classes.
  • Sign up for Direct Debit (via Auto Pay) and pay 4 terms of tuition in 10 monthly instalments.  Instalments are charged to your credit card on the 1st of each month from 1 Jan – 1 Oct (or calculated pro rata for mid-month enrolments) – We’ll also waive the per term Admin Fee in Terms 2, 3 & 4 –  saving a MINIMUM of $75 for the year.
  • or Pay Upfront per term ($25 Admin Fee applies per registration per term)
  • Want to start mid-month? That’s fine! Contact us to chat about which classes will suit your needs.
  • Annual Resource Fee applies to Levels 2-5 and Song Crew in first term of enrolment – see below.
  • View our 2022 Fees HERE
  • View our 2022 Timetable HERE


Age / Group Per Class Fee

Direct Debit 

Pay 4 terms of tuition in 10 monthly instalments from 1 Jan – 1 Oct (or monthly instalments calculated based on terms remaining from date of enrolment)

+ $25 Admin Fee charged once per year per enrolment

Upfront per term

+ $25 Admin Fee per enrolment per term

Annual Resource FeeApplies to Levels 2-5 & Song Crew

(paid upfront in first term of enrolment)

Babies 0-12mths    (45 mins) $19.83 $71.40 x 10 $178.50 N/A
Tiny Tots | Toddlers | Level 1 (45 mins) $22.06 $79.40 x 10 $198.50 N/A
Level 2 | Level 3     (45 mins) $22.06 $79.40 x 10 $198.50 $30.00
Level 4   (45 mins) $24.28 $87.40 x 10 $218.50 $45.00
Level 5   (60 mins) $24.94 $89.50 x 10 $224.50 $45.00
Song Crew  (only)    (70 mins) $19.83 $71.40 x 10 $178.50 $45.00
Song Crew Package Special when also enrolled in Level 4/5 – Use promocode: scdeal  at the checkout (saving of $34)  NOTE: only 1 x admin fee charged for combo enrolment $16.06 $57.80 x 10 $144.50 $45.00
Individual Tuition        (30 mins) $37.50 $135.00 x 10 $337.50 N/A


A $25 Admin Fee applies per registration to for ALL enrolments in Term 1.

  • Direct Debit Monthly instalment payers save $75 in Admin Fees (not charged in Term 2,3 & 4)
  • Upfront Tuition payers pay a $25 Admin Fee per Term

Note: If a student enrols in two classes eg. Level 5 & Song Crew they will be charged $50 in admin fees per term.

A one off Annual Resource Fee applies to Levels 2 – 5 and Song Crew (paid with the Admin Fee on enrolment in Term 1 (or when initially registered during the year).

Babies, Tiny Tots, Toddlers and Level 1 will received complimentary Music Pack and bag.  You will receive your book pack in your first class PLUS the following Bonus Inclusions:-

    • Free and Flexible Make Ups in group classes during enrolled term
    • You get to choose your preferred mode of payment: Direct Debit via Auto Pay (no Admin Fees in terms 2, 3 & 4) or Upfront Full Fee + $25 Admin Fee per term
  • Guaranteed Continuous Placement
  • Bonus Holiday/Parenting Sessions
  • Developmental Resource Books & Instrument (0-5yrs)
  • Musical Parenting Home Activities (0-5yrs)
  • School Age: Multiple Tutors & Individualised Instruction
  • Class Musicianship Workbook & Home Music Books

2022 Resource Fees:

Age / Group Resource Fee
LEVEL 2  –  Music Pack & 2 x Musicianship Books $30.00
LEVEL 3 – Class Musicianship Books $30.00
LEVEL 4 – 2 x Books; Class Musicianship and Home Recorder/Ukulele Books $45.00
LEVEL 5 – 2 x Books; Class Musicianship & Home Piano/Violin Books, Multiple Tutors $45.00
SONG CREW –  Musicianship Book, Sheet Music, Extra Public Performances and public speaking and  Medal. $45.00

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Why choose Julie Logan Music?


All fees include Free and Flexible Make-ups any time and home resources plus a Lifetime of Joyful Music Making!


Sign up for Direct Debit via Auto Pay and we’ll waive the $25 Admin Fee in terms 2, 3 & 4 per registration PLUS you’ll never have to worry about late fees for overdue payments!

SETTING UP AUTO PAY:  Log into your online Parent Profile then go to: Account / Account Settings / Automatic Payments / SIGN UP!  You’ll pay 10 x monthly instalments (or pro rata months from time of enrolment) charged to your credit card from 1 Jan to 1 Oct – Saving a MINIMUM of $75.00 for the year!


Siblings are discounted an additional 5% at checkout (does not apply to individual lessons).  Babies up to 6 months accompanying an older Sibling, get bonus head start free of charge

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