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Currently enrolled families always get first pick of days –  REGISTER NOW

To secure your child’s placement, a $20 Admin Fee per registration (plus annual Resource Fee if applicable) must be paid upfront.

Enrolling is easy with credit or debit card (We accept VISA and Mastercard).

Tuition Fees can then be paid in 10 x monthly instalments over the year (NO Admin Fee applies) or paid Upfront per term (Admin Fee applies) – go to CLASSES & FEES for all the details.

New enrolments are possible throughout the term with fees paid upfront calculated pro-rata from your first week.

Save $20 per registration per term by choosing AUTO PAY

We pass on our admin savings to you when you sign up for Auto Pay PLUS an additional 5% Sibling discount for families with two or more enrolled children (refer to our Terms & Conditions).



Term 1:           Mon 3 Feb – Fri 3 April

Term 2:           Mon 27 April – Mon 29 June (p/h 8th June)

Term 3:           Mon 20 July – Fri 18 Sept

Term 4:           Mon 12 Oct – Fri 11 Dec



Instalment Debit Dates:

31st Jan – First 2 x Instalments charged (non-refundable)

27th Feb to 27th Sept – Remaining 8 Instalments charged on the 27th of each month



Ideally, your baby will enjoy their own Baby or Tiny Tots group but if this isn’t possible, younger siblings (babies on the lap up to 12 months) are permitted to accompany you Gratis in Tiny Tots, Toddler and Level 1 groups.

This is a special bonus for our families with more than one child. From the time your baby is 12 months old, they need to be enrolled in a class.

Make up classes- groups

Group classes only: you can attend a make-up class at any time throughout your currently enrolled term. There’s no need to book ahead, just check the timetable and come when you can. Make-ups are an optional Bonus and not guaranteed, nor transferable in kind or credited to other terms.

Makeups are transferable within your family in any enrolled term; In the event we cancel a class and are unable to reschedule, a credit will be given.


If you want to hold your child’s place whilst taking mid-term holidays, you can choose to do make-ups before or after your break or gift these to a friend in your place.  Subject to numbers you can apply for the Casual Rate, paid in advance, forfeiting priority placement in that class.


Your satisfaction matters to us

We guarantee our classes are:

  • Taught with due care and skill by qualified teachers
  • Match the description provided to you upon enrolment
  • Will be taught within the dates specified upon enrolment
  • Free of charge to change your class time subject to availability
  • Given Automatic Sibling Discount to Full Term payment in group classes (conditions apply)

We guarantee continuity for your child by reserving your child’s place every term throughout the year, you stay enrolled indefinitely until a cancellation notice is received.

  • If you are not returning the following term, you MUST NOTIFY US by EMAIL 14 DAY PRIOR to the commencement of the next term or full-term fees will be charged.

If you have any concerns about the program it is essential you speak to your class teacher immediately to ensure a quick resolution.  If you’ve attended consistently for four weeks, discussed your concerns with your teacher and you and Julie agree that your classes don’t meet this quality guarantee, as a gesture of goodwill, you’ll be provided with a refund for remaining classes, less $25.00 admin and Music Packs. No refunds are available after the Friday of week 4 of any term.

We secure your child’s place to continue every term and limit class sizes to ensure the best learning environment for your children. If you are not returning the following term you MUST NOTIFY US by EMAIL 14 Days PRIOR to the commencement of the next term or full-term fees will be charged.

Privacy Policy

We keep your details private. We don’t pass on or sell your personal details to any third parties. Your information is only used to identify your enrolment and provide you with class newsletters.

For more details of our Terms & Conditions for Payment Options; Individual Lessons; Holiday and Special Events –  CLICK HERE: TERMS & CONDITIONS

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We’re highly qualified, passionate experts who have years of musical experience in teaching little ones! You’ll love the way we nurture a passion for music in babies and kids, connecting your whole family in a way that’s fun, enjoyable and active.

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